OH&S - Occupational Health & Safety Online Certificate

occupational health & safety online certificate course

UNBC’s Occupational Health & Safety Online Certificate for Practitioners teaches the knowledge, tools, and procedures you will need to build your OH&S professional career. Developed and taught by experienced instructors, this online certificate helps you establish fundamental skills to become an OH&S professional, enabling you to work in various industries.

Please note the price of the OH&S Certificate will be $4,750, effective on April 1, 2020. 

Why Choose the Occupational Health & Safety Online Certificate?

  • 自定进度的课程:  您 确定的速度和持续时间才能完成。大致时间完成证书共300小时。 
  • 易于使用的格式: 通过易于导航的学习工具,可快速方便的材料审核支持基于视频的课程。
  • 专注于行业的资格: The OH&S Online Certificate currently fulfills the CRST certification academic requirements recognized by the Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (BCRSP). (Requirements are subject to change). 学到更多。
  • 即时的课程访问: 当然,即时访问您注册证书的那一刻。 
  • 响应程序支持: 从开始到结束,我们的支持人员可与登记,课程周密,调度,技术支持,以及更多的帮助。



Pay $4,750 when you register for the complete OH&S Certificate. The textbook comes bundled with the option, at no additional cost. 


薪酬和学习,因为你去。登记在以每场765 $成本的课程按课程的基础。完善的升级技能。在下面找到你的课程。 (教科书是必需的,不包括在课程价格成本)


此证书满足了加拿大注册安全技术员(CRST)®认证的学历要求。是继续对这个方案后完成一个健康和安全文凭课程的学生,将满足加拿大注册安全专业(CRSP)®认证的最低学历要求。有关CRST和CRSP要求的详细信息,请访问加拿大注册安全专业人员网站板 这里.

Laddering 您r OH&S Certificate

The UNBC Occupational Health & Safety Certificate meets the admission prerequisite for the Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety at the University of New Brunswick (UNB). To learn more about laddering into UNB’s Diploma in OHS, please visit their website 这里: 文凭职业健康和安全。